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Offering In-Person Therapy in Littleton and Morrison, CO and Teletherapy within CO

Here at Pathways to Connection Counseling we strongly believe and uphold to value of “life is about the journey not just the destination”. We are all heading somewhere in life, we have our dreams, our ambitions, and our hopes of what it looks like to getting there. Then life happens and our dreams, ambitions and hopes often have hurdles and barriers to arriving at the place we want to be at. Relationship struggles get in the way, we find ourselves knowing who we want to be in relationships and where our ultimate goal is in relationship and then we do and say things that we wish never existed within us. As parents, we have this picture of how it is “supposed” to go and the family we want to have and then we find out our teen is self-harming or using substances.

Every person is walking in their own unique journey, unlike anyone else’s, driven by circumstances and emotions. There are successes, hardships, restorations, and relationships intertwined into every aspect of each individual. Some journeys require a little assistance to help with guidance to a place of personal growth and restoration of the pain we have had to endure due to the hurt that some of our paths have caused.

Counseling At Pathways to Connection

We offer counseling to clients of all ages. Each of our counselors are trained in specific modalities to accommodate the needs of each individual and their desires so you can experience counseling that is traditional and non-traditional. We offer a wide range of counseling offerings from talk therapy in an office setting to animal-assisted therapy to walk-and-talk therapy to play therapy for adults and kids. For more information about each feel free to check out our offerings and each counselor who is trained in that modality.

Animal & Equine Assisted Therapy

Partnering With Animals to Help Ourselves Find Our Process and Our Paths

Play Therapy

Helping Children Learn, Express, and Strengthen Who They Are Striving to Become In The Language They Have

Nature-Based Therapy

Connecting With Nature to Come Back to Our Roots and Understand Ourselves at a Deeper Level

Counseling For Trauma

Healing and Growth After Pain

Counseling For Confidence

Find Your Voice and Stand In Your Power

Counseling for spirituality

Strengthen and Find Your Path

Counseling For Connection

Find Purpose and Meaning Through Heart

Counseling For Anxiety

Manage and Maintain Health Life Balance

Counseling for Emotions

Know and Understand Your Emotions Deeper

Counseling from

Authenticity and Connection

Our desire at Pathways to Connection Counseling is to meet each person who steps into our office with compassion, encouragement, love, understanding, hope, and authenticity.

Our goal is that you walk out of our office knowing your inner strengths and having the courage to pursue meaningful connections with yourself, others, and the world around you as your continue on your path of healing and connection.

Meet The Pathways to Connection Team

Rebecca Winn MA, LPC, NCC, GEP

Owner, Counselor, Supervisor

Brittney Grammer MA, LPC, NCC

Natalie Tait MA, LPCC

Jetika Kloth-Zanard MA, LPCC

Joanne Raymond

Tamara Hall

Pathways to Connection Counseling


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