Affordable Counseling In Littleton

At Pathways to Connection, it is our heart to help people of all of all income statuses. We choose not to work with insurance due to some of the limitations and requirements that insurance requires. We still desire for our clients to have the best experience possible because we do not take the courageous and vulnerable process of starting therapy and working through the difficulties that brought you or your loved one to counseling in the first place.

Each of our staff members are trained in an experiential model such as animal, equine, or play therapy. We are specialized in experiential modalities and have been trained from a trauma based lens. Therapy costs vary in the Denver area and the range for experiential based therapies often go from $ $130-$200 a session. This can even be higher depending on a highly specialized area. We try to keep our rates on the lower end in hopes of being able to serve the largest population, and we also acknowledge our fees still may not be doable for all people. We also are starting multiple groups in 2024 to begin to offer group counseling at a lower rate.

Each of our therapists’ rates range due to experience, training level, and specialty. So depending on what you are looking for, prices could range from $60-$175. Each of our therapists reserve a few sliding scale spots that are first come first serve. If you are interested in working with a therapist, you can ask if they have any of their sliding scale spots available. They usually fill up quick, please don’t hesitate to ask though! We do offer an internship program that allows a select number of Medicaid clients to be seen as well as affordable counseling.

Pathways to Connection Counseling Rates

  • Consultation: FREE – 20 minute phone call for all therapists accepting new clients
  • Individual Counseling and Telehealth Counseling:
  • Couples/Family Counseling:
    • Rebecca Winn: $210 – 80 minute session
    • Sarah Bilinovich: $190 – 80 minute session
  • EMDR:
    • Rebecca Winn: $160 – 50 minute session; $220 – 80 minute session
    • Sarah Bilinovich: $140 – 50 minute session; $200 – 80 minute session
  • Equine Therapy
    • Becky Cort: $130 – 60 minute session; $180 – 90 minute session
    • Jetika Kloth-Zanard: $150 – 60 minute session; :$210 – 90 minute session
    • Kat Boone: $90- 60 minute session; $115 – 90 minute session
    • Rebecca Winn: $175 – 60 minute session; $250 – 90 minute session
    • Sarah Billinovich: $150 – 60 minute session; $210 – 90 minute session
  • Group Therapy
    • Nature and Equine Therapy Groups: $75 – 90 minutes
    • Process Groups: $60 – 90 minutes
    • Support Groups: $60 – 90 minutes
  • Other Services
    • Parent Consultation (for children): $65-85 – 30 minute consultation
    • Check-in Phone Call: $65-85 – 30 minutes
    • Therapy Recap Write-up: $300 per hour
    • Court or Writing Assessments: $500 per hour (travel, writing, research, court appearance)

Internship Program

As the owner of Pathways to Connection, I created an internship program to be able have a consistent affordable therapy option for clients who don’t want to work with their insurance, but may not be able to afford the full fee for a licensed professional. With this I took the very serious commitment to training and supervising master level students who are pursuing their master’s in counseling. As the years have gone, there have been many things learned (and things I will continue to learn) to develop what I consider to be a very strong internship program with training and supervision being of the up-most importance.

If you choose to see an intern, I want you to understand the behind the scenes of how we work with interns at Pathways to Connection. Each of our interns go through a trauma-informed training that teaches them about trauma in the brain and how to work from a trauma-informed approach. We also teach our intern students the skills of DBT (which is know for helping with emotional regulation and relationship). We are a strong-based Gestalt counseling center and we teach the core principles of Gestalt that allow interns to learn in depth about Gestalt therapy which is very closely connected with Polyvagal Theory (learning about the nervous system and connection within relationship). Gestalt therapy comprises of many different parts including somatic therapy, parts work (much like IFS), relational components, nature integration, and movement. Most of our interns will go through an equine therapy training program. We have a plethora of online video trainings as well as going through an in person training called the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies and Natural Lifemanship. We require a minimum of 2 months of training before interns can see clients individually with the horses.

Each of our interns are required to do a minimum of one hour of supervision each week. So each intern will be under direct supervision of a licensed counselor and will help them with case management, learning and growing, applying skills and interventions, as well as support in counselor identity.

We do have a limited number of slots available for our interns so contact us today if you are interested in working with one of our interns.

Current Interns at Pathways to Connection

Kat Boone, Counseling Intern

Currently Accepting New Clients

Joanne Raymond, Counseling Intern

Start Date: April 29, 2024