Nature Based Therapy in Littleton and Morrison, CO

What is Nature Based Therapy?

Nature based therapy is partnering with nature to build a sense of understanding and connection to the biological self, the authentic self, sense of belonging, and interconnectedness to all living beings. Nature based therapy can be held in a number of formats. What we have to offer in regards to nature based therapy ranges from walk and talk therapy at our office to an off site hike in the foothills of Morrison and Littleton. There can be as much engagement as learning different landmarks, the ancestors that came before, the animals and plants that inhabit the land to simply sitting in the sun and allowing the vitamin D to re-energize while we talk to our therapist. The range of what we offer can be directed by you and supported by your clinician.

Nature Based Therapy is defined in many ways. One of my favorite definitions comes from Kimberly Rose: “Ecotherapy is an umbrella term for the use of nature-based approaches to facilitate wellness, growth and healing. With its roots in the field of ecopsychology, ecotherapists work from a belief that people are an interconnected, interdependent part of their local environments, and that disconnection from nature contributes to the wide variety of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual difficulties clients bring to therapy.  

Clinical ecotherapy, or nature-based psychotherapy, allows clinicians a framework to blend nature and body-based interventions and exercises into their foundational therapeutic modalities.  Decades of research clearly demonstrates the benefits of nature on mental health and wellbeing. Integrating land, animals, and natural awareness into the therapeutic process allows clinicians unique and holistic opportunities for exploring insight, contact, intuition, boundaries, purpose, relationships, Selfhood, protective strategies, and embodiment.”

Why Nature Based Therapy?

Nature based therapy can begin to open up pathways of reflection and connection in the brain that have been closed off due to the cultural current of screens and time inside. Getting back into nature and allowing nature to show up as a teacher can offer benefits not only to us cognitively but also to our biology. Some of the biggest benefits to nature based therapy begin with the simple expansion of our awareness to ourselves and to the beings around us.

The theories that are held in Nature-Based Therapy allows us the ability to see the impact nature truly can have on us. (Look up 4 theories) ORRRR There are theories that are held within nature based therapy that give us the ability to see understand the complexity of this work.

Attention Restoration Theory

Biophilia Hypothesis

Psycho-evolutionary Theory of Stress Reduction

Polyvagal Theory

There are so many natural benefits to nature and to add in mental health therapy with nature-based work provides an even greater level of benefit. Nature Based Therapy can help people:

Benefits of Nature Based Therapy

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Lower depression
  • Increased motivation
  • Feeling more Connection to self, others, and the world
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Interconnectedness
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Expanded Awareness
  • Connecting back to instinct and intuition
  • Increase in mental well-being
  • Improved Social Interactions
  • Openness and Expansion of Consciousness
  • Stress Reduction
  • Creates sense of meaningfulness

There is so much that nature can bring from the lens of mental health. There is a lot that can be taught, observed, and created when working with nature and mental health. If traditional talk therapy or other therapies have not worked or do not seem of interest to you this could be an awesome offering that could create some opportunities for you to increase and improve your mental health.