What is Connection?

Connection in American culture can mean so many things. Now more than ever we live in a completely, fully connected state due to the devices we get to carry with us everywhere. We can look anything up at any time, we can reach out to someone at any time, we can know what is happening around the world in less than 10 seconds. We have the ability to know just about anything and everything at any moment, and the ability to do so is only progressing in this technological age.

This is not the kind of connection we talk or attempt to achieve at Pathways to Connection. We believe the over “connectedness” is a huge factor in mental health as the more connected we are to everything around us the less connected we are to ourselves. We look at true connection at heart to heart, authentic, grounded, togetherness, unarmored from our protective mechanisms, a way of getting to know ourselves in a more depth-filled way, finding trust and truth again, and coming back to our core self before things got in the way. Connection opens up possibilities for purpose, relationship, meaning in life, and cohesiveness.

How Can Therapy Help with Connection?

At Pathways to Connection our hearts desire is to help people who feel like they are walking through the world disconnected, detached, “like the shell of a person”, with no meaning or purpose, or anything inbetween to reconnect with self to find authentic and meaningful interaction that actually stimulate the brain in a way of growth and not needing to operate in fight or flight.

In connection building therapy we can work within many modalities including equine and animal assisted therapy, nature based therapy, talk therapy, and play therapy. Each of these models can allow us to begin to integrated our cognitive experience and connect in with how our body is integrated with our cognitive experience. These modalities allow us to step into relationship in a depth producing type of way so that we can begin to build the courage to show up in an authentic and connected way outside of therapy.

Each of our therapists allow are trained in different modalities and have different styles that allow you to experience and explore connection in a consistent and integrated way. Reach out today to set up your free 20 minute consultation.