What is Trauma?

Trauma by definition is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. When you encounter circumstances, events, people, or places that leaves a distressing or disturbing experience you often find yourself scrambling to put your life back together and make sense of it all. Trauma takes power from your life and causes you to see things in your life as out of control, chaotic, hopeless, and defeated. Having trauma impact our life can cause us to feel:

  • trapped
  • anxious
  • unloved
  • hurt
  • shamed
  • betrayed
  • overwhelmed
  • helpless
  • worthless
  • angry
  • bitter
  • numb
  • shutdown
  • hopeless

No matter the extent of the trauma or the feelings left behind, each person is affected in their own unique way. Trauma can be something that happens one time or it can be an experience that has been relived over and over again in different forms, no matter how many times your view of the world can be altered. Now, what used to be safe and warm is now dangerous and cold, and people and the world cannot be trusted. People’s experience to what is happening around them is no less real than what I am experiencing because it is all about perception.

How can therapy help with trauma?

Trauma is not remembered as an event, but as an experience that we have to live with every day. The effects of trauma impact your life and maybe you have noticed changes in your relationships, your job, activities, and your ability to operate day to day. I want you to know there is hope and there can be restoration to what used to be and growth to who you strive to be. I can help you stop scrambling and help you find grounding within the chaos that trauma has caused you. Therapy can provide tools, resources, and exercises/activities that can help you gain control of the chaos and move forward to a more peaceful future.

Are you ready to find peace? You can feel safe and reconnect with the world around you. Life can feel so overwhelming and I want to create a space that you can come, speak freely, and ground yourself in the midst of your struggle. I will encourage you to love and find: yourself, compassion, hope, growth, and peace. I know those things seem unreachable right now, but my goal and hope is for you to work toward growth so you can leave with both love for and peace within yourself.

EMDR Therapy is an evidence based treatment modality for trauma. Click here to learn more.