EMDR Therapy

What is EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a complex design used in the treatment of primarily trauma, but has also been proven to work with other problems.

EMDR therapy helps integrate traumatic events, sensations, and emotions into the brain by bilateral stimulation (right to left stimulation). The bilateral stimulation helps integrate the two hemispheres in the brain in order to discharge the stress of the traumatic events, sensations, and emotions. EMDR can be used with more than just eyes, and has been proven to work with other senses as well including touch and hearing.

How do EMDR sessions work and what is the cost?

EMDR has eight phases and is typically broken up into multiple sessions. The most important aspect in this process of healing is the counselor and client relationship. The first three phases are the most important phases in the work of EMDR.

  • Phases 1-3 are 50 minute sessions for the going individual rate $100.
  • Phases 4-7 are the EMDR session and are 90 minutes at a rate of $140.
  • Phase 8 is another 50 minute session and is the follow up to the EMDR session.

There are no set number of sessions for the phases, and each individual adapts differently to the treatment of EMDR. Every individual will walk through the phases at their own pace, and it is completely up to each person if they choose to stay after the EMDR sessions to continue to work through some of the build up from the traumatic event(s). Each person will choose their unique style of healing and their process will not match that of anyone else’s.

Our EMDR Therapists

Rebecca Winn MA, LPC, NCC, GEP