What is Confidence?

Confidence is the ability to be sure about something with little or no hesitancy. When we talk about confidence at our practice we look at those who struggle with confidence within themselves. If there are questions that run through your head around, “am I good enough?”, “do I have what it takes?”, “does anyone like me?”, “can I…?”. Self-doubt can stall us in so many ways. Confidence and self-doubt are directly connected to our ability to trust in ourselves. The trust in ourselves to endure certain situations, to respond to things that happen around us, to know our worth, and to focus on what is important to us.

How Can Counseling Help With Confidence?

Our hearts desire at Pathways to Connection is for you to find trust within yourself again so you can begin to answer the self-doubt and struggles in a way that allows you to find your authentic and confident self. We want to help break down the reasons you don’t trust yourself, the areas that you want to regain confidence back in, and help you move forward in a way that allows for connection, authenticity, and trust.

We offer many different modalities that can help you find and rebuild your confidence. We offer equine and animal assisted therapy, talk therapy, nature based therapy, and play therapy. Each of our therapists are trained in different modalities that allow for you to see who you connect with the most and the modality(s) that could be the best fit for you! Feel free to reach out to set up your free consultation.