Emotional Regulation

What is Emotional Regulation?

Emotional Regulation is a term that has been used that refers to the ability to process through and stay grounded in an emotional experience. The ability have awareness of an emotion and respond to that emotion rather than react to them emotion without any awareness behind it. Many struggle with the ability to respond to emotions and due to many factors and life circumstances find themselves reacting in a protective way because the emotion or the situation feels threatening or unfamiliar.

How Can Therapy Help With Emotional Regulation?

Our hearts desire at Pathways to Connection is to build up emotional awareness and emotional strength when it comes to making our way through emotions. Our belief that is that every emotion is valid, it is the “where it comes from” part that can create confusion and discord in relationship. We want to help you find tools to manage difficult emotions as well as getting to the root of why that emotion exists and showed up in the first place.

There are multiples modalities that allow us to access the ability to regulate our emotions and connect to our responses in a much more authentic and whole way. Modalities such as equine or animal assisted therapy, DBT therapy, talk therapy, EMDR, nature based therapy, and play therapy.

Each of our therapists are trained in different modalities that allow for you to see who you connect with the most and the modality(s) that could be the best fit for you! Feel free to reach out to set up your free consultation.