Counseling Services

When people look for counseling, they don’t want to be judged or criticized for what they have done. Our office is used for a safe place where every individual can come and feel comfortable to explore and grow with acceptance and support.

We follow the practice of “unconditional positive regard”. We hold a nonjudgmental, accepting, genuine, and empathetic outlook on life and every individual that enters my office. We are here to be a supporting factor in the journey that has passed, the current journey you are walking through, and the journey you hope to walk through in the future.

More About Counseling

When it comes to counseling, it seems like there are so many options to choose from. Picking the right professional, who is going to give you the right service, and the right price for that service can be a stressful task.

There is a lot to think about when looking for a counselor:

  • Which professional should I go see?
  • How much should I pay?
  • Why am I going?
  • What are my goals for counseling?
  • How do I want to get where I am heading?

There is a list of mental health professionals and various therapies used in the field to help you select whether or not I will be a good fit for your next or current journey in life. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have regarding the next step in selecting the right path for your personal journey.